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    Total Body Makeover Surgery can change up to 90% of your body appearance. Due to this fact, this particular procedure is becoming more popular all over the world where Plastic Surgery facilities are available. The indications are for removal of excess skin after massive weight loss or simply following multiple pregnancies, where the youthful skin firmness is loss and instead being replaced by unsightly flabby tissue. How much is the Cost of Total Makeover? Read till the end to find out. Procedures such as Liposuction alone may not be sufficient to overcome this. Total Makeover Surgery is also gaining popularity with the increasing number of Bariatric Procedures being performed lately. So what actually this surgery consists of? The 5 Main Procedures of Total Body Makeover are; 1) ABDOMINOPLASTY (2 TO 4 HOURS) Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is a procedure to remove the excess skin in the abdomen and followed by recreation of a new umbilicus. It is suitable for those with excess flabby skin of the abdomen. The main objective is to remove the excess skin and recreate a shapely and taut abdomen, with a nicely-placed small umbilicus that is swimwear-ready. Abdominoplasty may or may not be combined with liposuction, depending on the Plastic Surgeon’s assessment. There are several type of Abdominoplasty such as the Total Abdominoplasty, High lateral-tension Abdominoplasty, Fleur-de-Lis Abdominoplasty and 360 Degree Abdominoplasty. A Plastic Surgeon with the track-record of performing high volume Abdominoplasty cases will be able to provide the best results that you wanted, as Abdominoplasty is a highly-demanding procedure that needs to be tailored exclusively to each individual patient. 2) ARM LIFT ( 1 TO 2 HOURS) Arm Lift or also known as Brachioplasty, is the procedure to remove the excess hanging skin of the arms. There are 2 typed of Arm Lift, namely the Long-scar Arm Lift and the Short-scar Arm Lift. The Long-scar technique involved incision from the elbow to the axilla and the scar will be hidden in the underside of the arm. On the other hand, the Short-scar technique will utilize the incision only within the axilla. The former is only feasible for patients will minimal skin excess. The resultant scar after Arm Lift Surgery can be minimized using specialized techniques such as scar massage, silicone gel, LASER treatment and RadioFrequency method. 3) THIGH LIFT (1 TO 2 HOURS) Similar to the previous 2 procedures, Thigh Lift is again indicated to remove the excess skin of the body, and in this case, the thigh. There are also two types of Thigh Lift, namely the Long-scar Thigh Lift and the Vertical Thigh Lift. The Long-scar Thigh Lift involved surgical incision along the length from the knee to the groin. The Short-scar thigh lift will only have scar within the groin region. Depending upon the assessment by the Plastic Surgeon, the short scar option is only appropriate for minimal to moderate skin excess. 4) BUTTOCK LIFT (2 TO 3 HOURS) To overcome the problem of sagging buttocks, we can do the Buttock Lift procedure. There are 3 options to achieve this objective, a. Gluteal turn-over Flap The adipose-cutaneous tissue of the lower back is rotated down to augment the buttock. b. Fat Grafting ( Brazilian Lift) In this procedure, fat grafts are used to fill up the space in the buttock to create firmness. c. Silicone Gluteal Implant Silicone Implants can be placed to elevate and create fullness of the buttocks. 5) BREAST LIFT ( 3 TO 4 HOURS) To complete the Body Makeover procedures, we can perform a breast lift procedure to overcome the sagging breasts tissue. Massive weight loss can result in loss of breast volume and sagging of the overlying skin and this can be very disturbing to the patient. In mastopexy, the breast tissue and nipple-areolar complex will be repositioned and the result will be a perky-looking breast. Sometimes, I may combine mastopexy with breast silicone implant insertion or breast fat grafting to add in additional volume. The price range for the combination of procedures are between rm25k to rm40k depending of which procedures are being performed together? WHEN IS SUITABLE TO UNDERGO TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER SURGERY? Most plastic surgeons will perform these procedures after the patients have obtained stable body weight of around 6 months. For post Bariatric Surgery patients, it is best to wait for at least 18 months after the surgery to allow for complete healing and stable weight. CONCLUSION By understanding what Total Body Makeover Surgery consists of, we can make an informed decision to determine which procedure is the best for us. Learn more about other Plastic Surgery procedures here Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Bhlepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Non-cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Buccal Fat Removal. Learn about the most popular Plastic Surgery for Man Learn about the price of Liposuction in Malaysia.


    In 2022, Facelift is in the top 10 most popular Plastic Surgery procedures performed worldwide, amounting up to more than 400 000 cases. This upward-going trend is similar to other Cosmetic Surgeries procedures. This similar trend has been ongoing for the last decade and will continue so for the coming years, with the projected combined revenue in Asthetic Plastic Surgery industry alone of approximately 100 Billion USD by 2030.


    There were 193,073 cases of Breast Implant surgeries performed in the US in 2020 alone, accounting for one of the top 5 most-requested procedures in Plastic Surgery. The price for Breast Augmentation surgery in Malaysia ranges from rm25k to rm35k, varying between different Cosmetic Surgery Clinic ran by Plastic Surgeons. This trend is similar to other procedures such as Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Hair Transplantation, Otoplasty, Buccal Fat Removal and Facelift. The followings are 7 of the Most Commonly Asked Questions regarding Breast Augmentation Surgery : 1) WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BREAST AUGMENTATION AND BREAST MASTOPEXY? This is of course the first thing that will go through your mind when getting a consult for a breast augmentation procedure. Most of the indications are loss of breast volume and/or projection, following multiple pregnancies, weight loss or tumor removal surgery. The first thing that a Plastic Surgeon will determine is whether the patient need a breast augmentation or breast mastopexy ( reshaping) or a combination of both procedures Breast augmentation is performed using either : 1) Implants ( saline or silicone) 2) Fat grafts 3) Flap procedure ( transfer or adjacent body tissue to augment the breast size) Breast Mastopexy on the other hand, is when we can reshape the breast by rearranging the tissue to recreate the projected appearance and reposition the nipple-areolar complex We may do a combination of these 2 procedures if there are significant drooping of the breast together with loss of volume. 2) HOW LONG DO THE IMPLANTS LAST? The common connotation is that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years. However, the newer technology in implants manufacturing nowadays enable them to be inside the body for a much longer period. MENTOR for example, stated that they have a lifetime guarantee for their breast implants. 3) HOW TO KNOW WHICH SIZE IS BEST FOR ME? In my practice, the determination of breast implants size is done together with the patient. We will ask the patient to give an idea of what size that she wants, (based on photo-reference if possible). The patient lifestyle is also an important aspect that will be taken into consideration. A person who is an avid runner or swimmer will require the selection to be tailored accordingly. Following this, an exact measurement of the following parameters will be taken: 1) Breast base diameter 2) Nipple to Inframmary crease distance 3) Upper border of the breast level 4) Degree of breast skin laxity 5) Chest diameter The most suitable breast implants size will need to comply with these ideal calculations for each individual assessment. For example, if a small-chested patient want to have an extremely large implants, she may end up with a lot of post-procedure problems like neck pain and difficulty to do daily activities. 4) HOW IS A BREAST IMPLANT SURGERY PERFORMED? Basically the 2 important aspects of Breast Implant surgery is the skin incision type and plane of implant placement. Skin incision There are 4 ways to insert the silicone implant 1) Inframmary Incision · This is the most popular approach where the implant is inserted using an incision below the breast. 2) Periareolar incision · In this type of incision, the cut is around the lower half of the areolar. 3) Trans-axillary incision · The incision is done under the axilla. An endoscope can also be used for this type of procedure to assist in tissue dissection 4) Peri-umbilical incision · An implant in inserted from the abdomen. This is the least popular approach as the difficulty to dissect the tissue and risk of infection is significantly higher. ò Plane of placement There are 3 different plane to place the implant 1) Subpectoral · The implant is placed underneath the Pectoralis Major muscle of the chest. 2) Subglandular · The placement is underneath the breast tissue but above the muscle. 3) Subfacial · The implant is placed under the fascia of Pectoralis Major muscle. This plane may cause a lot bleeding during the dissection process. Most Plastic Surgeons will do a dual-plane insertion technique, there the lower portion of the implant is underneath the breast glands while the upper portion will be under the muscle. 5) WHAT TO EXPECT FOR POST-SURGERY PAIN AND RECOVERY? The post-operative pain is managed with analgesia given by the anaesthetist. The patient will be required to wear a special bra for 3 to 6 months. Swelling will gradually resolve within the next 1 to 3 months. The breasts will settle into the final shape and location after 6 months on average. 6) CAN THE IMPLANT RUPTURE? It is very unlikely to rupture, including when flying in a aircraft, as the implant materials are quite solid. In my practise, I have rarely seen cases of implant ruptures, except after severe blunt trauma to the Implants. This is similar to any type of Implant in the body, not limited to breast implants only. 7) WHAT ARE THE RISK OF THIS PROCEDURE? The risks of breast implants insertion are similar to other types of Surgery, namely infection, hematoma formation and device extrusion or malposition. The specific risks such as loss of nipple sensation or difficulty to breastfeeding are more dependant on the type of technique used. The Plastic Surgeons will discuss them in detail during their preoperative consults.. CONCLUSION Understanding How and Why certain steps are taken is vital to ensure complications can be avoided while obtaining the best results possible. Learn more about common Plastic Surgery procedures for men here and Plastic Surgery procedures that are covered by health insurance here Keep learning about other procedures here : Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Hair Transplantation, Otoplasty, Buccal Fat Removal How much is the cost of Liposuction in Malaysia?

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