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What is your preparation if you opt for Liposuction?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Liposuction is one of the most famous surgeries in the world; however, like any other surgery procedure, a qualified plastic surgeon in a certified centre avoids any unwanted circumstances. In this topic, you will learn what to prepare before you go through this procedure.

What can you do to prepare for a Liposuction?

Avoid shaving, especially in the area which is going to be treated, since this action might increase your risk of getting infected.

Avoid tight clothes and wear loose, comfortable clothing, especially on the day of surgery.

Plan your trip wisely and you might consider finding a helper to assist you, especially after you get the surgery done. Taking a taxi or public transport is not advisable for your surgeon. A helper can also take care of you while recovering from the surgery.

Stop smoking. Smoking can narrow your blood vessels and it might cause complications during and after the procedure.

Some medicines like aspirin can cause your blood to become thinner. It is crucial to consult with your surgeon regarding your medical conditions, including the medications and supplements that you are taking.

Plan your schedule. It would be best if you took some time off from your work to make sure you focus on a healthy and safe recovery. That’s why most people who opt for this procedure will consider doing it during a holiday when their responsibilities are limited and they spend most of their time resting.

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